Tees, Elbows & Connectors

Prorail handrailing connectorsMore details of our handrailing tees, elbows and connectors can be found on page 8 of our brochure.

Alternatively, you can view our full handrailing brochure here.

Scroll End

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804221C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804221D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806221C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806221D 316 48.3mm

Handrail Scroll End

Adjustable Elbow - Standard

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804203C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804203D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806203C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806203D 316 48.3mm

Handrail adjustable elbow, standard

Adjustable Elbow - Smooth

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804227C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804227D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806227C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806227D 316 48.3mm

Handrail adjustable elbow, smooth

Radiused Corner

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804200C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804200D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806200C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806200D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing, radiused corner

In-Line Connector

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804206C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804206D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806206C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806206D 316 48.3mm

In-Line connector

Elbow, Square Corner

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804202C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804202D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806202C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806202D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing elbow, square corner

Elbow, Round Corner

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804201C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804201D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806201C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806201D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing elbow, round corner

4 Way Cross

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804222C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804222D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806222C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806222D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing, 4-way cross

3 Way Long Tee

Code Type Diameter
SHF1804205C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804205D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806205C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806205D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing, 3-way long tee

3 Way Corner

Code Type diameter
SHF1804204C 304 42.4mm
SHF1804204D 304 48.3mm
SHF1806204C 316 42.4mm
SHF1806204D 316 48.3mm

Handrailing 3-way corner

Handrailing Examples