Stainless Steel Finishes

Please refer to the following table for stainless steel finishes details of their properties and characteristics.

Mill Finishes
Hot Rolled, Softened & Descaled (HRS & D)  Hot Rolled, Annealed and Pickled (HRA&P). No.1 (1D)
Dull finish characteristic of steel after hot rolling, annealing and pickling.  Generally used when smoothness and uniformity of finish are not important.  It is permissible for grinding marks to be present.  NOT SUITABLE FOR POLISHING WITHOUT SOME RISK.
A uniform, cold rolled, softened and descaled matt finish.
Cold rolled, softened, descaled and lightly rolled on polished rollers to produce a smooth but dull silky surface finish.  FINISH MOST COMMONLY USED FOR POLISHING.
Bright Annealed (B/A) 2A (2R)
Cold rolled, reflective finish achieved through annealing.  SUITABLE FOR POLISHING WHERE A BRIGHT FINISH IS REQUIRED.

Mechanically Polished Surfaces
3A (1G/2G)
A uniform coarse ground finish obtained by polishing with 80 to 100 grit abraisives.
3B (180 Grit) (2J)
A uniform coarse ground finish obtained by polishing with 180 to 220 grit abrasives.  THIS FINISH IS GENERALLY DESCRIBED AS DULL BRUSHED.
No.4 (240 Grit) (1J/2J)
A general satin polish produced by using successively finer abrasives between 180 a d 240 grit.  This achieves a fine grain non-reflective finish. There are trade named variations of this finish produced by some specialist polishers which are available.
N0.5 (320 Grit) (1K/2K)
A satin polish simiar to 240 grit, but with cleaner cut surface finish and a lesser RA of surface roughness.
No.7 (2P)
A bright buffed polish most suitably applied to 2B or B/A finishes: achieved by using a fibre and/or cloth mop with a suitable polishing compound.
No.8 (1P/2P)
A bright reflective finish with a high degree of image clarity.  Produced by polishing with successively finer grits followed by buffing with very fine polishing compounds.  THIS FINISH IS DESCRIBED AS BRIGHT OR MIRROR POLISHED.

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